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The bathroom is simple but functional. You flush the toilet or take a shower with the green bucket (called "tabo"). It is supposed to have a handle, but it has fallen off... The blue box is the water store, which is filled by simply carrying in water in big buckets. This task is woman's work, so I got oogled when I once did, then the family decided to firmly keep me away from doing this (people talk.....). Oh well...
After your shower, you are supposed to shuffle the water from the floor with the hard broom leaning to the right of the water store. The water escapes through the small hole you can spot on the right wall, a hand length from the corner.
The smaller boys constantly tries to bug you by shaking the door when you shower, they expect to score points if you did not lock the door.... also, this is the only indoors doorway where there IS a door, in all the other places there are curtains only.